Supervisory Staff


Dr. Robert Littman, University of Hawai`i: Project Co-Director and Mudir

Dr. Jay Silverstein, Nottingham Trent University: Project Co-Director and Field Director

Project Supervisors:

Lori Lawson, Lab and House Manager, Geologist

Prof. Gregory Bondar, Surveyor and Web Developer


Stacey Bagdi, Social Media Editor

Sarah Chandlee, Excavation Unit Supervisor

Skylar Joseph, Osteology, Coins, and Excavation Unit Supervisor

Eileen Kerhouant, GIS and Excavation Unit Supervisor

Graham Rogers, Excavation Unit Supervisor

Nora Shawki, Geomagnetometry and Excavation Unit Supervisor

Past Staff:

Dr. James Bennett, Excavation Area Supervisor 2009-2022

Courtney Bobik Hoffman, Archaeobotanist, Web Designer, and Excavation Unit Supervisor, 2017, 2015

Hal Bonnette, Excavation Area Supervisor 2011-2022

Sarah Chapman

Liesel Gentelli

Meg Gundlach, Excavation Area Supervisor, 2015

Sarah Hitchens, Excavation Unit Supervisor, 2015

Kelsey Kahlbaum-Hoisington, Excavation Unit Supervisor, 2015

Marta Lorenzon

Dr. Clair Malleson, Acting Project Director and Archhaeobotanist, 2015

Dr. Jessica Nitschke

Casey Preston, Excavation Unit Supervisor, 2015

Colleen Westmor, Excavation Area Supervisor

Isabel Zermani, Project Artist and Excavation Unit Supervisor, 2015

Staff Biographies:

Robert Littman, Project Co-Director. Dr. Littman received BA and PhD from Columbia University. Currently professor and Chair of Classics at University of Hawaii at Manoa where he teaches Greek and Roman Mythology, Upper level Greek and Latin language, Egyptian language, and Greek and Latin Roots of Medical Terminology.

Jay Silverstein, Project Co-Director and Field Director. Dr. Silverstein received his PhD in anthropological archaeology from The Pennsylvania State University. His theoretical interests include militarism, the rise and fall of complex societies, ancient hydraulic constructions, imperialism, and frontier interactions. He has directed or co-directed projects around the world including Mexico, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Europe, and Egypt. He has served as an Adjunct faculty member at the University of Hawaii in Classics and Anthropology, and is currently affiliated with Nottingham Trent Univerity in the United Kingdom. Jay has been co-director of the Tell Timai Project since 2007.

Lori Lawson, House, Lab, and Magazine Manager. Lori Lawson is the Director of a small adult college in Cairo and is currently the curriculum designer for African Hope Learning Center. She has a BA in Humanities from Kansas State University and graduated in 2015 with her Master’s Degree from Wayland Baptist University in Hawaii. Lori is interested in all kinds of Egyptian stone including quarries and uses in all time periods. At Tell Timai, she manages the house, magazine and lab.

Gregory Bondar, Surveyor and Web Developer. Prof Bondar, an Adjunct professor in Anthropology with Penn State University, joined the Tell Timai Project in 2015 as the Surveyor. Originally a specialist in the geochemical sourcing of metarhyolite stone tools in eastern North America, he has also excavated mummified Moche sacrificial victims in Peru, and is developing a 3D model of the Petra Garden and Pool Complex at Petra, Jordan. Besides teaching many courses in Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, and Science-Technology-and-Society, he also teaches several courses in Digital Humanities and Web Development, serves as the 'Manuscript Archaeologist' for the Digital Mary Russell Mitford Project, and created this website for the Tell Timai Project at beginning in January, 2019.